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Kris Colt closed her show with a killer rendition of She Moved Through the Fair.

Jim McNamara, editor for British Isles Family History Society-U.S.A.

She has a great Celtic voice.

Andy Donnelly,


I love The Voyage !

Mitchell Mendys, WKNH

A beautiful voice.

Dave Fuente,


Vocalist, Kris Colt combines the ballad tradition with a contemporary sound that includes Celtic Rock, Country, and Bluegrass.

Julie Brun

Compare in depth and talent to only the true greats of Celtic music such as Mary Black or The Chieftains.

Irish News & Entertainment

This music speaks to both the heart and the head.

Pierre Marin

Come see this band as featured performers and hear first hand why their debut CD, The Voyage, received national airplay!

Tim Day of San Diego Folk Heritage

Irish music festival
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