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“The black rose duo recently performed at dickensfest in riverside, california… fitting,

because it is truly a tale of two cities when talking about Kris Colt and Steve Ayvazian. While

Kris grew up singing and dancing in a variety of productions in Los-Angeles, Steve was busy

playing drums and singing harmonies for his indie rock band in Boston. These partners in

crime have been collaborating on arrangements and harmonies for nearly fourteen years, with voices that perfectly complement each other.

Kris brings her love of country, bluegrass and americana styles to her writing, and was responsible

for opening up the world of celtic music to Steve. since they are both singer/songwriters,

Creativity is never in short supply. Sometimes kris has to chastise Steve for his suggestions-

he proposes crazy chords because of his love for indie and jazz music, but arguments seldom come to blows. The benefit for audiences is that performing as a duo lends itself to added intimacy in the songs, with more stripped down arrangements. Steve is currently

working as a producer with kris, as she begins work on her third cd.”

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